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Life Skills Training is the personalizing skills that break the entitlement mentality and hopelessness that unintended poverty can confine us in!

We Conduct Free Seminars in 5 major areas as follows:

1)    Finances – Budgeting, money-saving tips, balancing a checkbook, financial planning, goal setting & achievable success by building momentum, getting out & staying out of debt, and building investments into a sound financial future

2)    Employment – using employable skills, writing resumes, successful job interview advice, work ethics, integrity, loyalty, faithfulness, motivation, work place advancement, following through on commitments, and proper workplace relationships

3)    Business – Discovering and using your talents, starting-up a business, networking, learning from mistakes, setbacks, and problems! Overcoming obstacles, investing in your ideas, finding the right mentor, strategic planning.

4)    First-Time Home Buyers – Finding existing government programs, getting the right house at the right price, negotiating purchase agreements, getting appropriate insurance levels, the realistic expenses of home-ownership, preventing foreclosure, negotiating maintenance costs!

5)   Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition, exercise, recreation, rest, overcoming stress, coping with adversity!

In our 23 years of providing social services, we've discovered the Life Skills Training we offer has a far greater impact on the lives of those attending our seminars than just providing financial assistance for their various needs!

The Graham County Probation Department contracted CHAP to conduct 3 Life Skills Training Seminars (10 sessions each Seminar) to a group of individuals on probation. They found that most of those who successfully completed our Life Skills Training Classes didn't end up before a judge again, and they've become less dependent on government social services and welfare agencies!