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Project Homeless No More Assists Families and some Individuals through the entire process of moving from Homelessness to Home-ownership, in achievable steps!

    First; We move Homeless folks off the Street into one of our Homeless Shelters!

Second; We move them from our Homeless Shelters into our Transitional Housing Units!

   Third; We help them become self sufficient Homeowners through Life Skills Training

Unlike most homeless shelters funded by the Federal Government, CHAP holds a high accountability standard for its residents in our Homeless Shelters. Those without jobs, yet capable of working, are required to find, obtain, and maintain full-time employment.

Those unemployed, who enter our program, are required to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week seeking employment and provide a list of businesses they've applied with, contact names, phone, numbers, and dates of their job-seeking efforts. They're also required to do a minimum of 20 hours per week of local community service work, while unemployed!

These requirements screen out those who expect handouts with no desire to change! Yet, because of our accountability requirements, residents more quickly become independent rather than staying dependent on CHAP or government programs. And maintain a far better lifestyle!