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The Skills we teach prevent hundreds from continually needing financial assistance. Thereby breaking the cycle of the poverty/ entitlement mentality.

               Project Homeless No More Assists Families / Individuals in the entire process of moving from Homelessness to Homeownership.

In the past year, CHAP has helped 111 people move from Homeless to Self-sufficiency.

We have provided 4407 Bed Nights to the Homeless in Graham County.

                Project Education—Life Skills Training Breaks the poverty / Entitlement mentality through Life Skills Training.

Since the inception of our Life Skills Training, 14 Families who were once Homeless are now Homeowners.

Your financial donations to CHAP Ministries are eligible for the Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization tax credit.

You can subtract up to $200 (single person) or $400 (married couple) right off the top of your state tax bill.

Rather than send these tax dollars to Phoenix, use them to do good in our local community.