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Adopt a Senior!

In addition to CHAP we work with our local nursing homes and partners to arrange personal visits and provide personalized gifts to our local Seniors!
There are over 3 million American Seniors living in nursing homes, and that population grows each day! For many of of our Seniors, each lonely day they become even more forgotten!
Over half of them have no living family or friends who visit or call!

 This year, we've asked over 100 residents in Safford and Thatcher's long term care facilities what they'd like for CHRISTmas, and believe it will take around 40.00 for each Senior!

We hope to see 40 donors give 100.00 to meet this need!

Contact Greg St. Hillaire at 928-792-3100 if you'd like to help or give a tax exempt donation!
Thank you!

Toys for Tots, Greenlee county!

 Each year we partner with local businesses, churches, and public locations to place official Toys for Tots collection boxes for local families!

 We invite you to give, volunteer preparing parcels and presents, and pay compassion forward whenever you see and pass by a Toys for Tots collection box